Wireless Power Transfer Enhanced Using Magnetic Metamaterials

Fabricated metamaterials with the wireless power transfer system.
[Project Overview]

This was my independent project based on Q. Wu et al. [1]. I made my own design with modified parameters for fabrication using equipment available at Rose-Hulman, and compared the simulated results with my measured results.

Figure 1. Modeling and simulation of the metamaterial board with the coil.

Figure 2. The coils yielded an efficiency of 0.5% at around 220MHz.

Figure 3. Comparison of the power transfer with the metameterial placed at different distances away from both coils.

Figure 4. Comparison of the power transfer between the coils with and without the metamaterial board added in between. An increase of almost 32% with added metamaterial board.

[1] Q. Wu et al. “Wireless power transfer based on magnetic metamaterials consisting of assembled ultra-subwavelength meta-atoms.”, EPL, 2015.
Complete results of this project: PowerPoint Presentation file
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