Made a semi-animated GUI using MATLAB guide

This GUI can simulate the movement of a "plate loader" robot and can also control a physical "plate loader" robot in the lab. Check out this project on my: Github

Made my first printscreen

I worked on my first printscreen during my co-op at the Embodied Interaction Group in Germany.

List of places I have traveled to

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Traveling is a very good cultural experience. If you can, you should plan to travel more often with family and friends. Even if you are traveling for work, check if you have a few free hours to visit the city and learn about the culture. Check some of my travel pictures: flickr

One of my microwave devices

This is a set of microwave devices that me and my two classmates designed and fabricated. It is a quadrature hybrid, single-box branchline coupler.

My first Hackathon experience at WildHacks 2014

Project I worked on with two other Rose-Hulman students at my first Hackathon hosted by Norwestern University (WildHacks 2014). It was a very good experience. Got to prototype a concept in less than 24 hours.

Hello World!

This is a blog where I am going to share with you some of the events of my life. Hope you find it interesting!