Voxel8: 3D Electronics Printing

The Wyss Institute at Harvard University
Dr. Jennifer Lewis's Research Group

This is me, doing some 3D printing work at the Lewis Lab. Photo Credit: Dr. Lori K. Sanders.

Project Overview

During the Summer of 2014, I worked as an intern for Voxel8, a start-up company that came out of the Lewis Research Group at Harvard University. My role in the company was to help develop a platform to print 3D electronic circuits. Over the course of 3 months, I used SolidWorks to design simple devices that consisted of a plastic structure and conductive ink traces. I also tested a platform for 3D printing dual materials (PLA/ABS plastic + Conductive Ink) by working extensively with GCode, and helped fix and calibrate the first three 3D printer prototypes from Voxel8. I concluded my internship by 3D printing a functional device with vertical conductive ink traces.

Solidworks design of a tri-dimensional vertical print.

3D printed result of tri-dimensional vertical printing.

Simple device that turns on an LED when activated with a magnet.

3D printed arduino-like circuit done by the research group.

Check out http://www.voxel8.co/ for more information about the company.